Hello, welcome to the platform of Green & Eco Living and I’m very happy that you are here!

Green & Eco Living is a company that has been created with lots of love and passion, having the goal of promoting ethically produced and more environmentally-friendly products, having as a priority to educate and raise its followers’ consciousness on issues concerning the environment, ecology, as well as a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle.

From a very young age and having already changed many opinions as to professions I liked, I understood that I found extremely interesting to read books and watch documentaries about natural landscapes and people specializing on the study of different animals. It was at that period when I decided that it meant more to me to follow a profession that will focus in nature and the environment itself.


A few years later I completed my studies in Greece, in the fields of natural geography and cartography. I then moved-on with my master’s studies in Denmark, where I chose to specialize in the management of natural ecosystems and biodiversity. During my master and the conduction of my thesis, I had the chance to meet many people who, either in a greater or lesser extent, were interested about their general lifestyle choices and their environmental footprint. Along with my friends we also started implementing a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. Since then and little by little, I started thinking about specific company products that I used and would like to see also available in my country.

Returning back to Greece and starting to work professionally in the environmental sector, I got to understand even better this shortage of products in the Greek market, while online orders of products that I preferred from abroad, were more time-consuming and with additional charge. In the meantime, I found myself advising a lot of my Greek friends about daily products and in relation to their more ethical and green alternatives, as well as about “trends” in products that are presented to the general public as green and environmentally friendly.

Through many of similar experiences, I saw that deeply we all want to improve our daily practices in a way or another, however not always having the knowledge and the means to do so.


Loving to share what I have learned and continue to learn concerning a “greener” way of living, I decided the creation of this platform which initially aimed in product proposals that followed specific production and quality standards. Under this idea we came in contact with many companies over the world that choose to follow this production line, while we continue to invest in the research of similar products and producers from all over Greece itself.

This initial idea has today involved in the platform that you are visiting today, incorporating also on a great level the blog aspect. Our goal is the creation of a hub of people and collaborating companies, in which you will be able to actively get inform on environmental issues as to a more ecological daily life.

Thank you for being here and even more for your support on the team of Green & Eco Living!

I hope that all products that you will initially find in our website will cover some of your needs and I can’t wait for your next visit, as we will be here to offer you even more ideas and proposals!


Until next time…

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