Swiss Stone Pine Natural Soap Zirbe (120 gr)


The fresh soap Zirbe is made by the resistant stone pine tree, which grows in the Austrian Alps at an altitude of approx. 2,000 meters! This tree is no randomly called the “Queen of the Alps”!

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Zirbe soap by ALLES SEIFE contains natural stone pine oil. For the distillation of 1 liter of this precious essential oil, 150 kg of treetops and twigs are processed! The wonderful scent of this soap also strengthens the respiratory system. It is suitable for every skin type. The soap is delivered to you in organza sack.



It contains sodium cocoate from coconut oil* (Cocos nucifera), sodium sunflower seedate from sunflower oil* (Helianthus annuus), aqua, glycerin*, coconut oil* (Cocos nucifera), sunflower seed oil* (Helianthus annuus), Swiss stone pine oil (Pinus cembra), cocoa seed powder (Theobroma cacao), charcoal powder, spirulina powder (Spirulina platensis), limonene.

*: Biological farming


Alles Seife

Swiss Stone Pine Natural Soap Zirbe (120 gr)

Additional Information and Use

Τhe natural oil of the stone pine has been shown to reduce heart rate, meaning that it has a soothing and stress-relieving effect.

Sleep TIP: For a good night’s sleep, put half of Zirbe natural soap on your bedside table.

Product Characteristics

Length: 7,50 cm
Width: 6,70 cm
Height: 2,30 cm
Weight: 120 gr

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Swiss Stone Pine Natural Soap Zirbe (120 gr)