Organic Hemp Floral Water (100 ml)


Concentrated organic hemp floral water Cannabis sativa L., to spray your hair, face, pillow and general space, to use for a soothing massage, create refreshing space fragrances and soaps as well as cleansing masks in combination with clay.

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Kannabio’s concentrated hemp floral water is an 100% natural, organic, greek product, distilled from the selected buds of the Cannabis sativa L., Futura 75 strain (2018 harvest, Kokkina, Magnesia). The floral water is a product of the steam distillation process that also creates the hemp essential-oil. The hydrosols contained in this product contain all the aromatic compounds (terpenes) of the bud. The floral water is free from tetrahydrocannabinol (THC-free).


Certifications: Organic agriculture [(ΕΚ) 834/2007 BIO HELLAS GR-BIO-03 2019-000000028159]. Organic Processing facility [Essential Organic Oils LTd., 1st Industrial Area Volos, GR-BIO-01 DIO Code 21351160334].



Organic Hemp Floral Water (100 ml)

Additional Information and Use

Spray the floral water to your hair for strength and shine, mist the face for daily cleansing, toning and moisturising, or for a calming effect before you go to sleep. You can also make powerful cleansing masks in combination with clay.

In the house, use the product to create soaps and space fragances, or spray your curtains and furniture for a clean home atmosphere.

Finally, a light spray on the pillow can aid in a relaxed night’s sleep. It can also be used as a main ingredient along with special oils for a soothing and anti-inflammatory massage.

For lighter doses it is recommended to dilute the hemp floral water in 4-8 parts of water.



Relaxing, soothing, strengthening and detox effect, anti-inflammatory, helps in asthma and respiratory issues, skin issues, muscle fatigue and cramps. It has possitive impact in psoriasis and fungal infections.

Product Characteristics

Height: 14 cm
Weight: 195 gr
Diameter: 4.30 cm

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Organic Hemp Floral Water (100 ml)