Organic Hemp Balm “Panacea” (40 ml)


Hemp balm with organic hemp seed oil and hemp essential oil (Cannabis sativa L.), calendula extract, lavender extract , yarrow or achillea extract and bee’s wax, used for skin wounds, cuts and burns.

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PANACEA hemp balm contains organic hemp extract (Cannabis sativa L., Futura 75 variety), calendula extract (Calendula officinalis L.), lavender extract (Levandula angustifolia Mill.), yarrow or achillea extract (Achillea millefolium L.), bee’s wax and hemp essential oil (Cannabis sativa L., Futura 75 variety).


Certifications: All ingredients are organic certified, while the hand-collected hemp products follow KANNABIO’s crop certifications (see relevant bud and oil products of KANNABIO). All herb extracts are made with AEONS single varietal extra virgin olive oil (2018 harvest, Pteleos, Magnisia, certification ΒΙΟHELLAS E-198230), while product development has been made in collaboration with Manolis Manos, BSc / (Hons) Herbal Medicine.



Organic Hemp Balm "Panacea" (40 ml)

Additional Information and Use

Take a small dosis of PANACEA hemp balm in your finger and spread evenly in the problematic area of your face or body, for 1 minute.



PANACEA hemp balm is recommended for skin wounds, cuts and burns.

Product Characteristics

Height: 5 cm
Weight: 90 gr
Diameter: 4.50 cm

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Organic Hemp Balm "Panacea" (40 ml)