Natural Eau De Parfum Manhattan (50 ml)


When the gardenia, jasmin, chocolate and the vetiver mix together with fruit smells and seasonings, they make a fragance so deep, mysterious, rich, thick, bold, sensual, outrageous and dominant!

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Manhattan eau de parfum has come to wake you up with its captivating eastern aroma that incarnates the all-time elegance, luxury and sensuality. This perfume does not come-by unnoticed even if you try!


It does not contain paraben, denatured alcohol, phthalates, phenoxyethanol, pigments, glycol, PEG, EDTA, SLS, petroleum, synthetic or animal origin.


Not tested on animals and dermatologically tested.



Natural Eau De Parfum Manhattan (50 ml)

Additional Information and Use

Spray 3 times around your neck and neckline as well as 1 time at each wrist, for a pleasant result that will last all day long!

Product Characteristics

Height: 14 cm
Weight: 175 gr
Diameter: 3.5 cm

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Natural Eau De Parfum Manhattan (50 ml)