Dental Floss – Fresh Mint


Dental floss made from nylon that does not shred into pieces, covered with mint, lemon and cinnamon flavor as well as xylitol for a pleasant taste and an effective cleaning of your teeth.

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50 m package.

Flossing is an important part of your oral health care routine that will help you to reach those hard to reach places between your teeth to prevent tooth decay, gum disease, and tartar. The Humble floss is made from nylon and slides easily between your teeth without shredding or breaking. The floss is coated with mint, lemon or cinnamon flavoring as well as xylitol, to ensure that your flossing experience is as efficient, pleasant and effective as possible.

Use Humble floss daily and give your mouth something to smile about!


The Humble Co

Dental Floss - Fresh Mint

Additional Information and Use

After washing your hands, you take about 15-20 cm of dental floss and you wrap it around the middle finger of each hand by the ends. Using your thumb and index finger from each hand, you grab a portion of the floss (about 3 to 5 cm) and with the help of your fingers you place it in-between your teeth (upper and down row).

Move the floss gently between your teeth following a zig-zag line, passing it on the surface of each tooth. Make sure that your floss does not shred and break as this can harm your gums.
Using an upward and downward move, move the floss against the surface of your teeth and below the gum line. Use a clean piece of dental floss for cleaning each tooth.


Did you know that as many as 700 million plastic floss containers are discarded each year? The Humble Co. has eliminated the need for a plastic case, as the packaging itself becomes your floss dispenser.

Product Characteristics

Length: 5,00 cm
Width: 2,00 cm
Height: 9,00 cm
Weight: 12 gr

Humble Smile Foundation

Humble Smile Foundation, a group of dedicated dental professionals and academics, develops models whereby volunteer teams work together with local school staff to promote specific behavior-based preventive oral health initiatives, that include dietary interventions, monitored tooth brushing and clinical procedures.
Other activities include: advocacy, education, research, hand-washing and urgent oral care.

The school is transformed into an oral health-promoting school. So too, the dental student volunteers undergo a learning and personal transformation.

How do we donate?

The Humble Co. donates all The Humble products that are needed by the Humble Smile Foundation to carry out its mission. However, the projects involve much more than distributing products.
With the support of the dental profession, Humble Smile Foundation delivers comprehensive, sustainable preventive oral care to the most vulnerable children around the world. To cover this, in addition to Humble products, The Humble Co. annually donates a sum of money in proportion to its sales. Not profit, but sales. Up until today, more than six million Swedish crowns and hundreds of thousands of products have been donated.

In this way, the more Humble products sold – the more the company’s projects can be scaled up, reaching more kids and preventing more disease, in a sustainable way.

Meaning, more Humble Smiles all around the world.

The Humble Co. currently has active projects in: India, Ethiopia, Nepal, Mozambique, Nicaragua, Cambodia, Transylvania, Cuba, Burkina Faso, Jamaica, Romania, Sri Lanka, Zambia, South Africa, Uganda, Cameroon, Pakistan, Zimbabwe, Ivory Coast and Tanzania.

Dental Floss - Fresh Mint

Dental Floss - Fresh Mint

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Dental Floss - Fresh Mint