Care Drops of Full Spectrum Bio Cannabis 3% (300mg/10ml)


This full spectrum oil extract by Kannabio contains all the beneficial properties of cannabis in just one bottle. This product is made with 100% Greek biological cannabis.

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Offer to yourself the whole spectrum of cannabinoids and the plant’s natural terpenes, which ensure a synergistic healing effect (entourage effect), as well as the beneficial effect of the plenty other substances it contains: chlorophyll (gives the extract its bitter taste while having signifficant anti-inflammatory properties), flavonoids, phenols, vitamins (A, B, C, E) and amino-acids (which are anti-oxidants and empower the immune system).

It is also ideal for VEGAN diet.



CBD+CBDa 3% (300mg/ 10ml) raw and not decarboxylated, THC < 0.2%.
In biological extra virgin olive oil from Magnesia (Aeons Exclusive) with natural terpenes (A-Pinene 19.1%, B-Myrcene 7.3%, B-Pinene 4.5%, Limonene 1.1%), flavonoids, phenols, vitamins and chlorophyll.


Certifications: This products is certified by independent laboratories with zero pesticide residues and heavy metals, as well as the recommended quantity of cannabinoids.



Care Drops of Full Spectrum Bio Cannabis 3% (300mg/10ml)

Additional Information and Use

Complete and balance your diet and immune system with Kannabio’s whole spectrum extract Care Drops.



The oil extract has not been subjected to heating as it is raw and not decarboxylated, thus meaning that it contains all the necessary cannabidiol in non-treated form (cannabidiolic acid, CBDa), which has strong anti-inflammatory action and contributes in pain relief.

Product Characteristics

Height: 5,40 cm
Length: 3 cm
Width: 2,80 cm
Weight: 45 gr

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Care Drops of Full Spectrum Bio Cannabis 3% (300mg/10ml)