Biodegradable LUNETTE Cup Wipes (10 pcs)


The biodegradable viscose wipes are the best for cleaning your LUNETTE menstrual cup, when water is not an option! They are ideal for airplane bathrooms, road trips, festival porta-potties, or bathroom stalls with no available sink.

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LUNETTE’s cup wipes eliminate nearly all germs, and enable you to use your cup safely. The portable box contains 10 individually wrapped wipes, which are easy to stash in your back pocket or purse.



The cup wipes are made of eco-friendly viscose and additionally include alcohol and water. Thet are biodegradable and compostable. They disinfect your cup easily and discreetly.



Biodegradable LUNETTE Cup Wipes (10 pcs)

Additional Information and Use

The viscose material of the wipes is eco-friendly, being produced from the processing of plant cellulose. All 100% pure viscose products are biodegradable and compostable.

The cup wipes do not include fragrances and other additional irritants and are the most natural companion to your LUNETTE cup.

Product Characteristics

Length: 8.50 cm
Width: 3.50 cm
Height: 12.50 cm
Weight: 70 gr

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Biodegradable LUNETTE Cup Wipes (10 pcs)