Bamboo Interdental Brush (Size 0: 0.40 mm) PINK


Interdental brushes with a handle made from 100% sustainably grown bamboo and bristles from naylon-6 material. A more environmentally-friendly choice for your oral care!
The Humble Co. company in cooperation with the Humble Smiles Foundation help vulnerable groups of kids around the world, accessing them to a right and sustainable oral care.

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6-piece package.

Don’t forget to clean those hard to get places between your teeth! Interdental brushes made from plastics is a ghost from the past! The stylish alternative of The Humble Co. made with a handle from 100% sustainably grown bamboo and with quality nylon bristles by DuPont company, provides an easy and practical alternative also to flossing.

Use the interdental brushes on a daily basis and give your mouth a nice reason to smile about!


The Humble Co

Bamboo Interdental Brush  (Size 0: 0.40 mm) PINK

Additional Information and Use

Move the brush back and forth along its full length, in-between your teeth.
For use on your back teeth sligthly bend the brush. Replace it when it starts to wear-out.
To extend your brushes’ life span, do not over-bend, press or restore each brush towards the opposite direction of the one that it is already turned-to.


Let’s talk about the bristles.
Up to this date, nylon is the most effective and safe material for proper dental hygiene. Nylon was invented in the 1930s and first appeared on the consumer market used on toothbrushes. It’s a strong, durable and hygienic synthetic material.

The Humble Co. which specializes in the construction of dental care products, chose to use nylon-6 because it has a lower hardness (which is good for your teeth) and lower water absorption (which is good for keeping your brush hygienic) compared to other types of nylon. They’re proud as a company to say that their bristles are produced by DuPont, the first major manufacturer of nylon bristles with over 70 years of experience.

Product Characteristics

Length: 5,50 cm
Width: 1,00 cm
Height: 12,10 cm
Weight: 11 gr

Humble Smile Foundation

Humble Smile Foundation, a group of dedicated dental professionals and academics, develops models whereby volunteer teams work together with local school staff to promote specific behaviour-based preventive oral health initiatives, that include dietary interventions, monitored toothbrushing and clinical procedures.
Other activities include: advocacy, education, research, hand-washing and urgent oral care.

The school is transformed into an oral health-promoting school. So too, the dental student volunteers undergo a learning and personal transformation.


How do we donate?
The Humble Co. donates all The Humble products that are needed by the Humble Smile Foundation to carry out its mission. However, the projects involve much more than distributing products.
With the support of the dental profession, Humble Smile Foundation delivers comprehensive, sustainable preventive oral care to the most vulnerable children around the world. To cover this, in addition to Humble products, The Humble Co. annually donates a sum of money in proportion to its sales. Not profit, but sales. Up until today, more than six million Swedish crowns and hundreds of thousands of products have been donated.

In this way, the more Humble products sold – the more the company’s projects can be scaled up, reaching more kids and preventing more disease, in a sustainable way.

Meaning, more Humble Smiles all around the world.

The Humble Co. currently has active projects in: India, Ethiopia, Nepal, Mozambique, Nicaragua, Cambodia, Transylvania, Cuba, Burkina Faso, Jamaica, Romania, Sri Lanka, Zambia, South Africa, Uganda, Cameroon, Pakistan, Zimbabwe, Ivory Coast and Tanzania.


Bamboo Interdental Brush  (Size 0: 0.40 mm) PINK

Bamboo Interdental Brush  (Size 0: 0.40 mm) PINK

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Bamboo Interdental Brush  (Size 0: 0.40 mm) PINK