Awarded Νatural Honey “LEMNIAN EARTH” (450 ml)


100% natural honey produced by Lemnos Apicultural Cooperative which is consisted by 50 beekeepers. During the last three years, the members of the Cooperative have created a standard honey packaging plant, located in Kornos of Lemnos. In the meantime, they were nominated with all necessary accreditations, so that their honey is packaged under ISO certification 22000. In 2008, they brought within the Lemnian market their first quantities of packaged honey, under the name “Lemnian Earth“.

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Excellent quality of botanical origin honey under the label “Lemnian Earth“, produced by Lemnos Apicultural Cooperative. The average production of Lemnos COOP is estimated to 30 tones (98% of the honey that is produced in Lemnos). The honey is collected by the cooperative beekeepers owing the 95% of the island’s bee colonies.

Every honey batch is checked to confirm the absence of residual chemicals, antibiotics etc. To what is more, the botanical origin of the honey is defined through microscopical analysis. The honey of Lemnos is considered one of the tastiest and most aromatic honeys of Greece. The main botanical sources are thymus (Coridothymus capitatus) and Anthilis (Anthilis hermanniae). Additionally to the main nectar sources, numerous wild plants (most of them herbs) contribute to the unique aroma and the flavour of Lemnian honey.


Since the beginning of 2018, the COOP has been certified with ISO 22000 and production is under the scientific supervision of the University of Aegean. Within the first year of being present in the market, the honey of Lemnos COOP was awarded with two stars from the International Institute of Taste (Brussels), at the SUPERIOR TASTE AWARDS. It was the first competition of the honey and Superior Taste Awards is considered one of the most prestigious taste challenges globally, since products are subjected to “blind testings”. The judges’ team is consisted by top gourmants and chefs of the world. Among them even the chefs of Queen of England and the presidents of French Democracy also participate. The criteria for participation are very strict since certain certifications are required (HACCP of ISO), while the International Institute that organizes the Awards, informs all participants that it maintains all rights to conduct quality checks to all products taking part in the competition.



Furthermore, the honey of Lemnos “Lemnian Earth” has recently achieved the highest distinction at the Great Taste Awards, the so-called “OSCAR prizes of food”. It has been awarded with the SUPERIOR DINSTICTION of 3 STARS!. This achievement is of great importance, since only 1.62% of the 12.772 foods of all kinds, originated from 104 countries around the world, have achived to be awarded with three stars. During the last three years, all analyses of honeys from Lemnos COOP have shown that is absolutely free of agrochemicals and antibiotics and fulfill all legislation criteria.




Additional Information

The comments of the judges, as they were notified to the COOP, are significant for the taste of the honey they evaluated:

Judge T5: Impressive colour, great texture and unbelievable attractive scent! An amazing taste profile with great complexity: a number of aromatic plants, flowers with oregano notes, candy and fruits and absolutely gorgeous long lasting finish. The sweetness levels were excellent and the judges loved the way it melted in your mouth leaving a beautifully soft, silky feeling. A really great honey!

Judge T1: a wonderful multi flowered honey, with gorgeous texture, many delicious levels and a note of aromatic wood. Excellent intensity in aftertaste, slightly sweet for some but with undeniable complexity of fragrances.

Judge T3: The honey caused a “transfer” to the Greek countryside, on a summer day, with blooming flowers, green vegetation, insect humming and so on .

The awards of the honey “Lemnian Earth” became popular within few days, as dozens of related articles were published at the local press, the internet and national networks.

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Diameter: 7.2cm
Height: 11,00cm
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Awarded Νatural Honey "LEMNIAN EARTH" (450 ml)