Eco Packaging

Eco Packaging

The shipping packaging in which you receive all selected products of Green & Eco Living, could not be “far” from its philosophy!

For our orders we use durable kraft paper boxes that have not been bleached, which are biodegradable if rejected on plain garbage, but recyclable as well from the Hellenic Recycling Agency (HRA)* or agency of your country. For our shipping box to maintain its properties of being recyclable and biodegradable without “destroying” the material, its sealing is performed using “gummed” paper water-tape, containing a strarch-based glue that is activated when in contact with the water.

Gummed tape is the only tape that can be recyclable and biodegradable as well in case that it is needlessly rejected on the environment, something that cannot be achieved when using common sealing tape.

Your products are secured within our shipping box using plant-based dry wheat straw filling, thus having wonderful use as part of a decorative composition, while also being 100% biodegradable in case you just want to throw it away.

Eco Packaging

Coming in contact with companies that we already collaborate or want to collaborate with, we try to give them an impact as to the importance of using environmentally friendly packaging on the eco and natural products that we choose. It is our aim to successfully share this knowledge with our partner companies still using conventional packaging for their products, but to also collaborate with companies that have invested towards alternative packaging solutions.

We finally continue our active research on maintaining our shipping packaging completely environmentally friendly and safer. Our next goal is to add an ecological waterproof protection so that the package you are receiving will be even more resistant to the different weather conditions.

Keep reading our blogs as we move forward on this direction!

*PS: You can get informed concerning all materials that can be recycled by the Hellenic Recycling Agency (HRA) as well as their rejection points, on the following links: Hellenic Recycling Agency

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